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Find the Best Investment Firm

With so many to choose from, picking the right company to give your life savings to can be scary. This video will help you find the best investment firm for your needs.

  • Important information about the different kinds of investment managers
  • Most of the investment managers in Prescott, and their type
  • How to research investment managers before you choose one


Educational Investment Classes in Prescott, Arizona

  • “Tax Tips for Arizona Newcomers” will help you discover valuable tax savings from details about Arizona taxation that may differ from states in which you have previously lived.
  • “Fun-damentals of Investing for Retirees” can help you become more confident about your financial decisions, with topics including: recognizing risk, controlling taxes on IRAs, planning to get the results you want, avoiding common investment mistakes and proven risk-reducing strategies that anyone can use.
  • “Smart IRA Strategies” discusses proven strategies for IRA rollovers, conversions to Roth IRAs, special rules when inheriting IRAs, how to manage taxation on your IRA withdrawals, age 70 ½ decisions, eliminating taxes with Qualified Charitable Distributions, the best kinds of investments to use in IRAs, and more.