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Hepburn Capital Management, LLC, specializes in keeping more of your money in investments that are going up in value and less in those going down. We have proven systems to tell us when to move your money out of investments that are going down and into investments that are going up in value.  Hepburn Capital’s proprietary systems help us proactively protect your account values.

For 32 years, our founder, Will Hepburn has been an off-Wall Street leader in the investing world. He teaches investing at a local college and trains financial advisers in investment strategies that Adapt to Changing Markets®. Will is also the author of the book Why Bad Things Happen to Good Investments: How You Can Invest Successfully. This level of expertise does not exist at most advisory firms, but it can be yours with Hepburn Capital Management.

Here are our priorities in managing your money:

  1.  Prevent life altering losses like many investors experienced in 2008.
  2.  Generate satisfactory returns for our clients.
  3.  Mitigate the effects of taxation.

If you want an Investment Adviser who will take action in your account when needed, Hepburn Capital is the firm you have been looking for. Explore our website for details and then email or call and our friendly staff will help you set an appointment to get started.

William T. Hepburn

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Will Hepburn is an off-Wall Street leader in the investment industry having managed two mutual funds, is Past President of the National Association of Active Investment Managers and is a college instructor having taught classes on investments and estate planning at Yavapai College.

Will is the author of the 2018 book Why Bad Things Happens To Good Investments.


Yvette Romero Zurita
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Yvette Romero Zurita is a bright, highly efficient young woman who has a smile that lights up the room and a great attention to detail.  Yvette is our Operations Manager in charge of paperwork, file administration, bookkeeping and helps with regulatory oversight.

Yvette Romero Zurita
Operations Manager

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