Flexible Income Portfolio

Investment Objective

We strive to provide high total return consistent with Capital Preservation.

How We Do It

Your money will be invested in bond mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), including inverse and leveraged funds, currency funds, including precious metals that may be used as currencies and equity-income investments whose price trend is up. If the price cycles down, holdings are replaced with new investments that are going up, repeating as needed. Growth stocks are not used.

Client Protection And Investment Discretion

All accounts are held at a Qualified Custodian, providing SIPC protection for all accounts. Hepburn Capital does not hold client moneys. Accounts are managed on a discretionary basis with notification of account activity provided in monthly statements prepared by an independent custodian.


If you want more consistent returns and a lower surprise factor than is available through growth stock investing the Flexible Income strategy may be for you.


The Flexible Income Growth strategy as described is designed for accounts of $250,000 and above, although the same decision making process may be used in smaller accounts using different investments. The minimum fee is $195 per month.

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